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What About the Men?

Someone asked: Are these prayers for women only?
I checked our testimony folder and up popped this one
(complete with wedding photos)

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"When will I be happily married?"

Dear Prayer Eagle,

I've got a fair idea about what brought you to this page today.

I know that, like many, many thousands of people around the world you (or someone you know)

… have been searching for that one person ... bone of your bone and flesh of your flesh ...  that you can share your life with.

That one special person that will help you answer the question you've been asking yourself for most of your life.

The question that is first on your mind when you wake up and last on your mind before you go to sleep at night. 

When will I be happily married? 

Now, you may not ask the question in those exact words, in fact, you probably ask things like:

"Why can't I meet the right person for me?"

"Why am I always being dumped for others less worthy?"

"Why am I always ending a promising relationship in a fit of anger?"

"Why has my life become so boring?"

"Is this all there is?"

Regardless of how you actually phrase it, you're basically asking:

When will I be happily married?


The questions keep pouring in...


* How come no one single ever approaches me? I’m born again, prayerful, beautiful and working…

* Are there evil marks, spirit husbands, spirit of rejection? I don’t understand...

* How can one know that he or she has found the (wife/husband) that he or she has been looking for?
(for the enemy may bring a lookalike just to trap us into marrying the wrong person)

* How to break all generational curses on marriage (for both me and God ordained spouse)

* Why do I pray for my godly spouse, then only wrong people show up?

* How will I know that the person is not a wolf in sheep's clothing?
(I would not want to end up with someone pretends to be born again only to backslide after we are married)…

* Do I have the spirit of rejection? Those who approach me are married and/or want to use and dump me.

This one came in today as I was writing this:


This is my case...

"I am 48 years and I have never been married before.
The man that promised to marry me has suddenly changed his mind on the ground that he is not sure if I will have children for him.
He has picked a younger girl and wants to go ahead to marry her.
I have spent all my money to build a business with him because he said he will marry me but lately the story has changed.
He not even talking to me again, if I mention about the business he will become very furious ..."
- Anonymous


There are many believers facing this dilemma.

Bertha used to be one of them.

7 years ago her life was a mess.

She didn't think so at the time, but it was.

She had no spouse and no children, a dead-end job that paid her peanuts, no money in the bank.

She was living from pay check to pitiful pay check and scratching a living instead of living a life.

She was bored. And very lonely.

Then one day, she just couldn't take it anymore.

She got my phone number from her close friend at church and decided to give me a call (those were the days when I was still taking phone calls).

“Elisha!” she sobbed. “I’m still single at 35 and I don’t feel like I will ever be married!

Why haven’t I met anybody yet?

I’ve been attending weddings forever.

When will it happen for me?

It seems like everyone else is married, and all the good men are taken.

If I finally do meet a promising guy who has his act together, it turns out he’s not a serious Christian!”

She finished in a hurt voice, “I feel so alone, like God doesn’t hear me at all.”

But that was 7 years ago

Today the picture is very different.

She's married to the spouse of her dreams, a godly man who loves her.

She is blessed with a wonderful daughter, Lisa Ann.

She's a regular speaker at conferences, in churches around her community and beyond.


She achieved all this by
following a specific sequence of prayers
custom-tailored to meet her needs


Many people know what it's like to –

…  feel like you're never going to meet your godly spouse…

…  like you're never going to experience the honey and bliss of a joyful marriage

... like your life is forever going from one rocky relationship to another.

I know!

Yet I also know that there is a way out.

Principles clearly spelled out in the Bible for all who can follow through.

Please mark the words: follow through

Since we started the prayer marathons there has been no shortage of testimonies.

In many cases those previously condemned to a life of poverty, loneliness and rejection have found God’s will for their lives.

Through the prayers shared on this site.

Praise the Lord.

Now let me ask you these 3 questions:

-- Have you ever felt like Bertha did on that day?
-- Are you still single after all these years? Do you have a friend or family member who is?
-- Have you tried this or that dating service ... all to no avail?

Thousands of believers from 117 countries visit our websites monthly.

Reading some of their emails can be heartbreaking.

Many feel like God has forgotten about them or doesn't care about how much they want to find someone to spend their lives with.

They have tried dating services.

Secular dating services.

Anointing services

Social media.



Positive confessions. etc.

Yet nothing to show for it.

This will change things for you
... if you follow through

And it is this:

The WAY to break free from the single life is to commit to a structured prayer plan that will help draw your godly spouse to you like a piece of iron to a magnet.

As fast as possible.

If you are tired of searching or waiting, please don’t just jump at the first proposal that comes your way.

Because there are fakes and counterfeits around.


 A bad marriage is an
express ticket to hell on earth

There is a better way.

Your testimony might be the next one we share here.

If you think you are getting too old for marriage...

... wait till I show you the Eagle Sister who got married at 55 a few years ago after these prayers (she sent the photos too)

Praise the LORD.

Many MORE have been sharing testimonies since.

In some cases you can see proof that…

* You don’t need to be a beauty queen (many are quite beautiful but there are more beautiful people walking around everyday ... still single.)

* You don’t need to be as slim as those models on TV (hint: some in fact have been a little bit overweight for years but that hasn't stopped them from getting married).

* You don’t need tons of makeup – many actually wears very little to no makeup; their radiance comes from within.

* You don’t need ‘expert advice’ especially the type you hear from self-anointed "experts" everyday on TV and the Internet – most ‘experts’ like to say that younger women stand a better chance, and oh, how wrong they are.

* You don’t need any of these things!

Instead what you need is

The Bible says in James 2:15-16:

If a brother or sister is naked and destitute of daily food, and one of you says to them, "Depart in peace, be warmed and filled," but you do not give them the things which are needed for the body, what does it profit?

So what are the things that our single brothers and sisters urgently need?

The same thing Bertha received... that enabled her to bid single-hood bye bye forever.

The same thing Patrick received ... that empowered him to meet his godly spouse and send us the testimony in photos here.

I want you to know that if you are still single after 35 years of age, there is an opportunity for that situation to change sooner than later.


The LORD told us:

''It is not good that man should be alone, 
I will make him an help meet for him.'' - Gen 2:18

“He that finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor of the Lord…”
(Proverbs 18: 22)

Yes, it is still scriptural to get married.

And praying on target will get you there faster than anything you can ever imagine...

If you have been praying about this but without any answers so far, may I humbly submit to you that you have been praying amiss?

You heard what Patrick had to say:

"I participated in the Singles' marathon...
by His grace He gave me a wonderful wife and made us a wedding one of its kind..."

He mentioned the prayer coaching program.

What is this?

How does it work, you might wonder.

In the next few days I’m going to post another real-life Case Study of the sister who married at 55.

Her case is something to behold.

The reason I'm about to share this with you is so you can activate your faith and believe God for your testimony too.

If the LORD can do it for this sister, He can do it for you too.

Wait until you see the prayers... and what happened before and after she prayed.

I like to teach by demonstration. 

You will see the answers to many of the questions above as we go along.

The lessons you will learn are invaluable... and you can apply them immediately to your situation or that of someone you may be standing in the gap for.


The Singles Forum Is Now Open


Please Listen Carefully - Here's What To Do

Many God-given partners have already been captured and caged in the spirit.

The New Singles Forum has been divinely set up to help you recover your divine original from the clutches of wicked powers that have imprisoned them in the spirit.

Here’s how it works:

 Below, you will see the light blue registration link.

Once you click on it and register, an account will be set up for you in the Singles Forum.

If you use any payment method other than Stripe (the first on the page) please allow 24 - 48 hours for your account to be fully activated and for the login information to be sent to your inbox.

 Simple and intuitive to follow...

We are starting from Module 8.

Because this is part of the last batch of members who signed up many months ago but were unable to complete the program because we kept rescheduling.

We are opening it up for those who have been asking for this program for the past one year.

Included are prayers to address other areas of your life such as your health, finances and other relationships (e.g. with family and in-laws-to-be). 

PLUS… you have 24/7 access to the Conversation Area of the Forum where you have the opportunity to chat with, and learn from, those who have successfully met their godly spouse through these prayer programs.

Included in the program are ...

  • Prayers to "spot" a counterfeit in a vision or dream days or weeks before he / she shows up in real life.
  • How to know when your relationship is in danger (plus prayers to help you survive the current onslaught on Christian relationships).
  • Prayers to make you and your spouse-to-be "invisible" to the roving eyes of satanic agents / competitors / destiny diverters.
  • The one dream that shows you may be under a generational curse of marital delay / destruction (plus the sequence of prayers to break it).    

NOTE that signing up is NOT free, but there is a substantial discount for a limited time.

What Does It Cost to Sign Up?
107 USD

 But that is NOT the price you pay today.

For a limited time you can join at
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---> Registration is now open
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(We'll keep registration page open until we reach a certain number. Then the page will disappear).

 After clicking on the link, you will be taken to a Confidential Members' Signup Page where you can select between 4 payment methods.

Using the first payment method on page (Stripe) will automatically allow you to login within minutes of completing your payment.

If you use any other payment method, please allow up to 48 hours for your access to be enabled.

Once you log in, you will be able to access Module 8 -- all other modules are disabled until we complete this module.

One last thing…

Why Do You Have to Pay to Join?

Because we are hosting the program in a private, confidential Forum which is not free.

It costs us thousands of dollars a month to run on this secure platform.

A few people have suggested we use Facebook in the past.

And I always tell them that so-called "free" platforms are not really free seeing that they have been accused of selling user data for profit.

Think of what would happen if the kind of sensitive, personal information that our members share within "closed doors" were made available to social media and their advertisers.

Let's just say it could be really embarrassing to wake up one morning only to find something you shared in confidence coming up in Google searches.

Our members trust us to keep their discussions private and confidential.

188,444 Reasons

Take for instance the just-ended NFR prayers.

It was a prophetic warfare session to empower our prayer warrior eagles to see 3 days into the future.

It was a program like no other.
There were 188,444 conversations by the time the Forum closed over the weekend.
What were those conversations about?
- war stories,
- marital issues,
- testimonies,
- prophetic utterances
- confidential matters
- words of encouragement,
- intercessory prayers...
... from thousands of prayer eagles all over the world.

 We certainly do not want to host such extremely private and sensitive information on Facebook or other so-called free platforms out there.

So we invest in secure but expensive platforms that cost us thousands of dollars a month.

Since we are not a church we do not solicit for tithes and offerings.

The only way left open for us to run our delivery platform is to charge a token fee for a few of our programs...

... to help defray the costs.

You can join the prayers in the company of other prayer eagles and our prayer advisors.

Obviously some of our subscribers agree...


For instance, Mike O sent this email years ago, highlighting something most people are not aware of:


"I Am Not Going To Miss Out”   

I was introduced to Firesprings through the end of year prayer program of 2010 by a sister.

Many pleasant things happened in my life. I desired same experience for a sister so I introduced her to Prayer Academy and paid for the kit.

Note: I knew she could afford the kit but my gesture was meant to encourage her and to emphasize my trust in the prayer coach Elisha (undoubtedly ordained by the Lord Jesus).

I suspect that among many other obstacles the devil may have deployed against her, getting the material for free was a major part of the reasons why she could not complete the Prayer Academy.

I urge all prospective Prayer Academy candidates to have the attitude of the proverbial man who saw gold in a piece of land and for the joy of it went to sell all he had to purchase the land and became the bona fide owner of all the gold of the land.

He that has eye to see let him see the gold hidden in the prayer toolkits here.

Praying with prayer bullets and getting results is good. Doing the Prayer Academy is better and following up with the next level programs is best. Perfect is the Lord God Almighty!

I am not going to miss out of any program offered here on the Firesprings website in Jesus’ name!" - Mike, Ghana


 Enough said.

YES, give me access -
I am ready for my godly spouse

Be An Overcomer


P.S.   One of the worst mistakes you can make is in the area of marriage. Many cannot discern between God's choice for them and a counterfeit from hell.

Hear this: 

"Confusion! 2 Men Proposing Marriage At The Same Time!"

"Through your prayers l have gotten some breakthrough. But hey, every time my marriage is coming through l experience failure, disappointment, shame.

Now as am speaking am confused. l have two men proposing for marriage. I don't know which one among them is the right one. Help l know am not registered with you yet." -- Ivy

    Do you want your godly spouse to locate you, and not satanic counterfeits?

 Join us. See the prayers to help you discern and recognize your godly spouse ... and avoid fakes and wolves in sheep's clothing

YES, I Want My Godly Spouse to Locate Me


 PPS:   Eagle Elizabeth says:

 “I take this seriously. If I dare end up entangled with the wrong person, my life will be a LIVING HELL...

I have seen people hurt close to me, who, I tell you, I have prayed with, lamented with, fasted for and prayed for. 

I can't have a life like that. That can't be my portion!"

Join us. Don't make the mistake others are making.