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7 Furious Prayers for October 2023

From: elisha

Just pulled this from our testimony page:

"When I received an email of the current Forum X - Financial Deliverance - I had no money to join but firespring ministry was patient enough to wait for some of us. I believe through interceding by eagles who were in the forum and the 7 days prep prayers I asked for finances and I was paid some money by my debtors but this time I was hesitating if I pay my bills or join the Forum X.


Then  I remembered John 10:27: "My sheep shall hear my voice and will follow me". I quickly ignored the other voice and joined. As I write this testimony I'm on 2nd day of Esther and I have just received an income of a job I did through referral on the day I signed up on forum x, they did not bargain, now I can pay my debts comfortably. Thank you Jesus for leading me to my hidden treasures in Jesus name." -- Eagle IJ


Last month ...

I introduced you to our advanced-level prayer riot entitled:

Ground Zero:
Overwhelming assault against "money swallowers,"
poverty activators and financial devourers

Something called the WEALTH TRANSFER AGENDA was mentioned in passing.

The goal is to transfer resources from the camp of the wicked into the hands of God’s people (Prov 13:22).

It has been underway for decades but is now about to break forth and manifest in the natural realm.

The ongoing prayer riot is wild.

And getting wilder by the day.

On the very first day - DAY ONE - there was a powerful testimony of multiple debt cancellation.

This Eagle sister says her husband just took her to the bank...

... and wiped off all her debts!

- Car loan (she was still owing 40 percent) - PAID OFF

- Huge credit card debts (which she incurred during the funeral of her parents months ago). - PAID OFF

One thing to understand is ...

Her husband is very strict and disciplined, especially when it comes to money matters.

Until very recently, he didn't believe in debt forgiveness.

He felt strongly that anyone who incurs a debt should be responsible for paying it off.

Yet, here he was at the bank paying off all the accumulated debts of our eagle sister.

He asked the teller:

How much is owing on the credit card?

Transfer the funds from my other account and wipe it off.

Then they drove to the other bank where she had the car loan.

Wiped it off.

Our eagle sister is dazed.

She is now breathing the sweet air of debt freedom.

My prayer is that the LORD will wipe off all your debts this month in Jesus name.

Psalm 18:46-49:

The LORD lives; and blessed be my rock; and let the God of my salvation be exalted.

It is God that avenges me, and subdues the people under me.

He delivers me from mine enemies: yea, you lift me up above those that rise up against me: You have delivered me from the violent man.

Therefore will I give thanks unto thee, O LORD, among the heathen, and sing praises unto thy name.

Yes, it's true.

A huge financial wave is about to hit the habitation of the saints for the end-time spread of the glorious gospel.

What you are about to read will help you achieve 3 things this month:

#1: Ask and receive your portion.

#2: Declare a "no-fly zone" over your land of divine inheritance.

#3: Force the powers swallowing your money to vomit it by fire.

Glory to God.

Please pay close attention for the next 5 minutes or so.

I told the story of one faithful Christian brother.

He had a well-paying job at one of the big banks in his city.

At that point he happened to be praying and believing God for his godly spouse.



Much to his dismay, money never lasted in his hands.

Anytime he was about to receive his salary, some serious emergency would come up.

His car would break down.

The computer crashed.

Electrical appliances stopped working.

At other times, someone near and dear to him would fall sick all of a sudden and he had to help out with medical bills.

It was a rare month when he didn’t have to empty his account for some emergency or the other.

All this was happening although he was paying his tithes and giving his offerings faithfully.

He wondered long and hard what could be happening to him.

Well, one eventful Sunday morning the mystery was finally revealed.

His finances were being swallowed in the spirit by the powers we'll be addressing shortly.

He was so viciously targeted.

Because he refused to be manipulated into a marriage from hell.

Instead, he preferred to wait on the LORD for his godly spouse.

That got them really mad.


One day I noticed something
   similar in our Singles Forum...

A few years back we reopened our Singles Forum to those interested in receiving their godly spouse…

… instead of satanic counterfeits.

To the glory of God, we have seen the so many testimonies in the last year alone.

Many of the wedding pictures are posted to the Forum and Testigram, our homegrown testimony-sharing platform.

Reading through the Forum posts after each session (as I sometimes do) I discovered a disturbing trend.

Once the enemy sees that they are losing the battle to keep our Eagles from meeting and getting married to their godly spouse…

… they quickly turn their attention to:

-- Attacking their finances
-- Attacking their health
-- Causing them to lose their job
-- Destroying their business
-- Pushing them into huge debt

The list goes on and on.

Apart from this group I've mentioned...

So many believers are going through never-ending financial crisis year in year out.

Then I was handed the prayer blueprint to deal with these issues.

And a prayer riot was born.

It is progressing apace as you read this.

(Because most people do not have access to the program, I decided to "borrow" some more from the session -- as we did last month -- so you too can have a "taste" and share in the testimonies that are sure to follow).

Recall that the prep session has the unusual title:


"Operation Kill Money Swallowers"

Just to bring you to speed...

The scripture makes us understand that things can be swallowed as a result of a spiritual operation.

For example, we learned that Jonah was wholly swallowed by a huge fish specially prepared for that assignment by the LORD Himself.

A great demonstration of a “swallowing” operation orchestrated from the realm of the spirit.

Now the LORD had prepared a great fish to swallow up Jonah. And Jonah was in the belly of the fish three days and three nights. - Jonah 1:17

That happened in the Old Testament.

In the New Testament we see this:

“But so that we may not offend them, go to the sea, cast a hook, and take the first fish you catch. When you open its mouth, you will find a four-drachma coin. Take it and give it to them for My tax and yours.” -- Matt: 17:27

This is the Lord Jesus directing Peter on where to go and what to do to pay the temple tax.

Question: How did the money end up there?

Answer: It was swallowed.

In these modern times, our environment is crawling with money-swallowing powers and entities operating unseen in the spirit realm.

Yes, they still swallow …

-- Money and finances
-- Organs of the human body
-- Marital virtues (love, joy, peace)
-- Business profits (thus turning a thriving business into a desert)
-- Academic certificates (resulting in chronic cases of joblessness)
-- Whole human beings (making them unavailable to receive blessings).

Please pause right here and take this prayer with righteous indignation:

Let all my swallowed goodness and prosperity be released now by fire in the name of Jesus.

Let’s think about the last point above.

The fact that blessings are being poured out does not mean everyone will receive them.


Many believers are NOT even positioned in the right place and time to receive.

Some do not have hands to receive anything in the spirit (they have been spiritually amputated).

So many have been blown off course and are nowhere near their place of divine appointment...

... where blessings are commanded to locate them.

However ...

There is good news.

There are prayers to help you line up all these "invisible" money swallowers against a wall and have them shot!

Both literally and figuratively.

That's what our Eagles inside Forum X -- the financial deliverance forum -- are doing right now.

The place is on fire -- over 65,000+ posts, comments, prophetic utterances, etc. and counting.

Before you have a taste of how they are praying (this month's prayers are culled from the Forum X) ....

Here's a reminder

Please Remember...


For these prayers to work as intended, you must surrender your life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

You must be genuinely born again.

Nothing else will do.

The prayers you are about to see will only work for children of God.

There is ONE key that unlocks everything.

That key is:

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. – Matt 6:33

Without it nothing else will work.

Repeat: For these prayers to BRING ANY ANSWERS, you must surrender your life to the Lord Jesus Christ.


#1: You must be genuinely born again

If you are not, you may be putting yourself in grave danger praying this kind of warfare prayers you are about to see shortly. If you are not willing to surrender all to the Lord Jesus, I suggest you stop reading now.

#2: Living a holy life is non-negotiable

You could get into serious trouble if you pray this type of prayers while continuing to live in sin. As soon as you read this, the Holy Spirit will bring conviction to your heart if you are living in any known sin. My advice is that you drop this material immediately, go on your knees and repent. Please do not go back to your vomit.

#3: Be filled with the Spirit daily

You must not be a fleshly, carnal believer. Learn to crucify your flesh. Walk in the spirit. A few tell-tale signs of carnal Christians are that they get angry very easily, cannot control their appetite for food or sex, always compare themselves to others, tell small white lies, gossip and complain about everyone, etc.

How to Walk in the Spirit

 “In 2005 I was 25 years old and was not born again so I was in a relationship with a man and I fell pregnant and I felt I didn’t want to keep this pregnancy because I was not ready for a child.

So I resorted to committing abortion. I told no one about the pregnancy and abortion even the father of the baby knew nothing until we broke up it was my secret. As the years went by I got born again and by God’s special grace I got to know of Elisha Goodman and Firesprings Ministries.

Believe me saints I always wondered why my life was an uphill battle I mean sickness and diseases that defy science. I’m xxxxx officer in my country but there was nothing to write home about.

I lost my car mysteriously and I was reduced to a poor woman, despite prayers and fastings in this forum and confession. This went on for (11) eleven full years until last year 2020 days before the Golden Journey Express program.

The Holy Spirit whispered to me to call the man and confess to him all that I have done regarding abortion. I was afraid at first but I finally called him and told him everything and the man forgave me.

Eagles of God, the Holy Spirit is so excellent and he knows more than we could ever imagine.

Immediately after that I got healed and shortlisted for big positions at work. Now I’m an Assistant Director and financially I’m ok.

 ‘He who covers his sin will not prosper but whoever confesses and forsakes them will obtain mercy’

Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for giving me another chance in life.”


#4: Get addicted … to the Word of God, your Bible, that is.

Read it out loud as much as possible.

Meditate on Scripture and let your actions and decisions be directed by the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.

Let’s now go to the prayers. 

7 Furious Prayers for October 2023


Begin with praise worship.

Praise God and worship him with songs, even with dancing.

Scripture Ingredient:

Psalm 56:9: When I cry unto thee, then shall mine enemies turn back: this I know; for God is for me.

3 John 1:2: Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.

1.   O LORD, open the pathway to financial freedom for me this month in Jesus name.

 2.  (Pray this one with a holy shout – 21 times) Ancestral Pharaoh of poverty, let go of my finances and die in the mighty name of Jesus.

 3.  Powers of my father's house holding my prosperity captive release it now and die in the name of Jesus.

 4.  Every arrow of poverty planted in my family line, assigned to genetically transfer from one generation to another, I bind and destroy your power in the name of Jesus.

5.   Blood of Jesus arise in your power, fight for me in my dreams in the name of Jesus.

6.   Any strongman of death that has swallowed my blessings, vomit them by fire in the name of Jesus.

7.   LORD make me to drink of the river of your pleasures in Jesus name.

Thank God for answering your prayers.

Be An Overcomer



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