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"The power of 1 simple prayer"

How 1 targeted prayer bullet brought back long-lost fiance
while exposing satanic "high priestess" in a mega church

"Godly Spouse, Be Released"

“After a night of intense prayer, where I was led to pray this one prayer over and over again, my fiancé who had proposed to me years ago ...

"(then disappeared into thin air shortly after), suddenly showed up on my doorsteps begging for forgiveness” - Sister G

Calvary greetings.

Her prayer was simple. It went like this:

“All my blessings stolen by marine witchcraft, be released unto me by fire in the name of Jesus.”

It was a prayer that stuck with her during last session’s “1000 Prayers for Singles” program.

 Months after the event she suddenly woke up from a dream with the prayer on her lips.

There and then she decided to take that one prayer every night for 7 days.

Something unexpected happened...

On the 7th day of her prayers, there was a knock on her door.

When she opened, there was her long-lost fiancé who had vanished after proposing to her years ago. 

She stared at him. Was she dreaming? What did he want? How did he find her? 

After what happened she had moved to another city to escape the shame and embarrassment. 

He had quite a story to tell. 

The week after he proposed to her, he had an unusual dream.

In the dream, someone was calling his name.

By the time he woke up he started hearing strange voices telling him what to do and where to go.  

Before long he found himself in the arms of a strange woman in a different city.

Before you could say, ‘Jesus is Lord’ they moved abroad.

He had no recollection of his fiancée at all …  

… until years later when she began her 7-day fasting-prayer campaign using this one prayer. 

Now I had a few words of caution when I heard her story

I bluntly told them both to immediately sign up for the Prayer Academy, followed immediately by the Diamond Edition, followed immediately by the Golden Journey prayers. 

Without any pause or break in-between. 

It took months of intense prayer battles for them to see the first glimpse of a breakthrough. 

Slowly but surely they began to breathe the fresh air of spiritual freedom.

Even the state of their finances was improving.

They were both fired up and ready to resume their wedding plans. 

Did she walk into a trap?

One night after my midnight prayers, I was led to open my inbox and scan through hundreds of emails that came in earlier that day.

At any point in time this particular inbox has thousands of UNOPENED emails waiting for me to click open and reply to them.

As I write this, there are 210,759 emails waiting to be opened… with hundreds more pouring in daily.    

Each day I try to open and reply to as many as I can but it is not humanly possible to answer them all.

So I just depend on the Holy Spirit to lead me to the ones that need my urgent attention. 

This night as I scanned the inbox, something caught my attention right away.

There was an odd email from a brand new visitor to the website.

She wanted to know how to send an offering to our ministry.

I clicked the REPLY button, asking her why she would want to do that, especially since there is no soliciting for tithes and offerings on our website. 

(Note: Of course this does NOT mean we are opposed to tithes and offerings …

... because we do sometimes receive tithes and offerings from those led to give by the Holy Spirit.

What it does mean is that we do not accept offerings from everyone… and that’s by divine order.)

Surprisingly, her reply came back within minutes.

From what she wrote I could discern that she was not led by the Holy Spirit so I politely thanked her and suggested she send her tithes to her local church.

The secret is now out in the open  

For whatever reason, my answer got her ticked off.

Without warning, she began to blame me for everything.

She accused me of not wanting her to be successful in life.

She complained bitterly that our prayers were not accessible to the general public.

To her mind, that was un-scriptural … 

After a while her tone changed.

She began to brag.

She was a “high priestess” on a revenge mission, she said.

She must have been beside herself because without realizing it she wrote that she was hot on the trail of a certain “stupid lady” on our websites whose prayers resulted in her 'boyfriend' suddenly packing his bags and leaving her.

 At that level I became even more alert in the spirit.

As I began to pray the LORD asked me to do 2 things: 

#1.  Disconnect her from her source of power.

#2:  Issue an arrest warrant in the spirit.

All glory to God. 

Within minutes she began to calm down.

She went from wild and angry to meek and repentant.

Then she began to make a shocking confession.  

She was part of a hidden satanic network.

In the past she and her cohorts had the power to destroy any relationship, wreck any marriage and create chaos in churches (she serves in a high-ranking position in her local church). 

But recently a curious thing happened.

She noticed that some members of her church were waxing stronger and stronger in the spirit, while her powers seemed to be diminishing by the day.  

This was strange to her.

She investigated and found that they were getting something called ‘prayer bullets’ from an obscure little prayer website named 

Are you prepared for this?

At that point she and her cohorts of darkness decided to launch a counter-offensive without delay.  

First, they were able to successfully manipulate their senior pastor to start a series of messages against this manner of prayers.

The man of God even went further to ban the prayer vigils introduced by our prayer eagles in the church.

To make matters worse, they got one of the few prayerful pastors fired and his prayer team disbanded. 

However, much to their surprise, instead of silencing these prayer eagles, more and more of their members were openly firing prayer bullets in the church and …


Receiving outstanding  breakthroughs


 One of the undeniable testimonies circulating in the church was that of three previously-unmarried sisters, siblings of the same parents, who had their weddings ... one after another, all within the same month. 

All three of them had signed up to receive our prayer bullets for singles.

On the other hand, this "high priestess" seemed to be at the losing end.

Her “boyfriend” told her their relationship was ungodly and left her.

Same thing happened to two of her friends.  

That’s why she was so angry with the prayer eagles because she knew that somehow their prayers were responsible for changing the balance of power (spiritually) and setting the captives free, even in her prayer-less church. 

Her original mission was to trace these prayers to the source, infiltrate the website and learn the prayers. 

Why learn the prayers? 

So she and her cohorts could try to REVERSE the prayers… and STOP the answers from manifesting! 

Of course her mission failed. 

I "happened" to be on site the night she showed up.

That’s why you are reading about it today. 

The Bible says: 

The LORD is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knows them that trust in him.

But with an overrunning flood he will make an utter end of the place thereof, and darkness shall pursue his enemies.

What do ye imagine against the LORD? he will make an utter end: affliction shall not rise up the second time. – Nahum 1:7-9 

What has this got to do with you?

Two urgent things. 

Urgent thing #1:

If you have been praying for your godly spouse all these years without any answers, please understand that there are powers that can steal blessings (including your godly spouse) and cage them indefinitely in the realm of the spirit.

Worst of all – in place of your divine blessings and benefits, satanic counterfeits could be released as substitutes to cause confusion, disappointment and heartbreak.

Sad to say, many people today have fallen into the trap of fake and counterfeit spouses unknowingly. 

Here’s a clue:

If you see anyone who keeps making the same mistakes their parents made, especially in the area of relationships, then it is likely that these evil counterfeits are in operation. 

There is a way out of this … as you are about to see shortly. 

There are prayers to expose satanic counterfeits … like this “surgical” one Paulinah prayed: 

   "Prayer exposes satanic counterfeit"

    “Wow! after this guy who was all over me claiming to love and was rushing to do everything to me i prayed this bullet:

'O Lord show me what is hidden concerning this relationship in Jesus name.'

Just after 3 days in prayer God revealed that this person is a fat counterfeit -- full of fancy words. He called me and says he will come fetch me and he wants to spend the whole weekend with me in his house.

I said to him: I am God’s daughter n my body is the temple of the LORD n I can’t afford to re plant filthy sexual soul ties after learning so much and after i have just been delivered from all de sexual consequences in the times of ignorance…

LOL! after that he just walked away without any word. I thank God for Elisha’ s teachings. I am now emboldened…God will bring my godly spouse according to His will, not my will.” – Paulinah M


Urgent thing #2:

You read a while ago that this so-called ‘high priestess’ initially came to our websites (and joined our mailing list) …

... not to seek any help from the LORD… but to check out our prayers so she could work to counter them. 

No wonder the scripture says this about some people in the early church: 

And that because of false brothers unawares brought in, who came in privately to spy out our liberty which we have in Christ Jesus, that they might bring us into bondage  – Gal. 2:4

 This might be news to you… 

There are satanic spies all around. 

The devil has taught them many things

... including how to CANCEL the prayers of believers who live their lives contrary to the Word of God.

This is especially true of any believer living in sexual immorality, among others.

We make this very clear in our lessons.

Thankfully, there are prayers to deal with this kind of thing.

Such prayers that agents of Satan cannot reverse.

The so-called ‘high priestess’ found that out when she landed on our website.

(Hint: there’s a reason you are strictly advised NOT to share our confidential materials without permission).

Now back to our prayer eagle  and her runaway fiance

The fiancé was out of the clutches of the strange woman. 

They were now praying and fasting together. 

Everything seemed OK until they set a date for the wedding. 

Suddenly, all hell broke loose.

The sister got laid off at work for no reason at all.

The fiancé began to experience severe breathing problems.

When he looked in the mirror, objects to his left didn’t quite come into focus.

He went for an emergency medical check-up.

After a battery of tests, the doctor looked at him and said: 

“It’s a mystery you’re still alive. You had a stroke in your sleep.”

There Is A Prayer Bullet To Deal With Every Problem Known To Man

Such prayer comes by revelation. 

As an example, I’m going to reveal the prayer that took care of this “stroke in the sleep” problem inside the Singles Forum. 

But first… 

For the first (and only) time this year, we are re-opening registration to the Prayer Forum for Singles Only…

... featuring targeted prayers plus the scriptures to back them up as revealed for this purpose. 

Now let’s be clear… 

With a prayer (or sequence of prayers) received by revelation, it is possible to pray and receive your answers within days. 

Sister G, whose story I shared at the beginning did it within 7 days.

Depending on your level of spiritual maturity and persistence, yours will be different…  

Sometimes it could take a mere 21 days …

...   or 40 days … or 100 days … or 365 days or MORE. 

That’s why the upcoming program is set up differently … to help you pray at your own pace. 

This year’s program is meant for a specific group of believers. 

Before I tell you who they are, let me first explain who is NOT eligible to participate. 


Who Is Not Eligible To Participate?

There are these 3 groups of people: 

#1: Those who are NOT genuinely born again. 

This might be hard for you to believe… but many people you see in church and on these websites are not even born again (though they profess to be).

This problem is easily solved if such a person is ready and willing to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal savior – and that can be done right away, right now. 

Even if you are born again, it is wise to re-dedicate your life every now and then to Christ, with a view to surrendering every area of your life to Him. 

Once that is taken care of, you will be eligible to register.  

#2: Those who abandoned their matrimonial homes under one pretext or the other.  

The scripture gives guidelines on who could remarry depending on the circumstances (1 Cor. 7:10-16). 

Otherwise those who actually walked out on their spouses may not be eligible to join – they may want to prayerfully join the marriage restoration program in session right now here.

#3: Those who are still having sex outside marriage. 

Look at this email I received a while ago: 

"Good morning Elisha,

I really need your help. I am addicted to sex and masturbation. I have tried most of your prayer points and each time ...

... I start any prayer point you send I do get breakthroughs but I keep going back to sex and masturbation. I don't have sex with someone because I love them. When the sex thing comes I just have to sleep with anyone.

... After that I feel bad I always realize have sinned and I'll repent. When it starts it has to be every week I have to sleep with someone.

I can't go on like this I need help. Whenever I start midnight prayers seriously if I miss a day that's it. It takes time for me to get back again.

The devil fights my prayers a lot. I want to be delivered.

- Name Withheld

 This one is a biggie.

You cannot violate this cardinal rule of scripture and still pray against satanic entities and their evil works the way we teach.

Anyone living in this particular sin may end up receiving vicious counter-attack from the camp of the enemy. 

In which case they should not blame us at all.  

Because we take pains to clarify this issue in all our prayer manuals.

No one can pretend they have not been warned.

In many cases, they might be thinking that since I do not see what they do in secret, that it does not matter. 

So wrong. 

I don’t have to see or know what they are doing.

But God knows. Even the devil and his demons also know. And they will fight back. 

As another example, please look at this email I received from Australia as I sat down to put finishing touches to this letter. 

"I'm breaking down..."

“Elisha, I haven't used your ebooks in almost 3-4 years. I've tried to come back on it and there is so much distress… I'm breaking down in depression, my other sister has to go rehab & my other sister is fearful, which all overwhelms me...

... please tell me what to do, I am desperate! Your program brought on demons! I really want to have a relationship and get married to the right man. I’m 31" -- Name Withheld


Sadly, in her desperation to get married using her human wisdom, she is jumping into bed with demons…

... only to turn around and blame us for her troubles.

Not to mention that she comes from a family long sold out to Satan.

That is very obvious when you read the very first email she sent to me when she came in contact with our teachings years ago: 

 "Family under collective captivity"

“Hello, 2 years I ago I was praying that my sister would receive full recovery as she'd been possessed by a demon for over 20+ years. My sister would attack people and she had the strength of 20 men. She was a skinny girl too.

During her last year at high school she was tormented by a demon that came in the form of a family member who'd previously passed away. My father when he was sick blamed me for giving him a tumor in the head. He died that year.

I tried for my mother, but she died last year. Any ways to cut a long story short...I came across your prayer website when a friend sent it to me to guide me through this journey of faith…”


So with this demonic background plus her own missteps in her desperate search for a spouse, is it any wonder that the demons are walking all over her? 

Very unfortunate. 

Now, let me REPEAT. 

Anyone in these 3 groups mentioned can still join

... provided they are ready to repent and re-dedicate their lives fully to the LORD. 

That brings us to…

Who Then Is  Eligible To Join?

Let me ask you this question… 

Are you still single, even after praying and fasting and doing your best to live a holy life? 

OR … have you participated in any of our membership programs at least once in the past 5 years? 

OR … are you prepared to follow instructions? 

Plus … 

Are you ready, able and willing to sign up during this short registration window (open right now)? 

THEN… this program is for you.


The Singles Forum Is Now Open


Please Listen Carefully - Here's What To Do

Many God-given partners have already been captured and caged in the spirit.

The New Singles Forum has been divinely set up to help you recover your divine original from the clutches of wicked powers that have imprisoned them in the spirit.


Here’s how it works:


 Below, you will see the light blue registration link.

Once you click on it and register, an account will be set up for you in the Singles Forum.

If you use any payment method other than Stripe (the first on the page) please allow 24 - 48 hours for your account to be fully activated and for the login information to be sent to your inbox.

 Simple and intuitive to follow...

We are starting from Module 3.

Included are prayers to address other areas of your life such as your health, finances and other relationships (e.g. with family and in-laws-to-be). 

PLUS… you have 24/7 access to the Conversation Area of the Forum where you have the opportunity to chat with, and learn from, those who have successfully met their godly spouse through these prayer programs.

Included in the program are ...

  • Prayers to "spot" a counterfeit in a vision or dream days or weeks before he / she shows up in real life.
  • How to know when your relationship is in danger (plus prayers to help you survive the current onslaught on Christian relationships).
  • Prayers to make you and your spouse-to-be "invisible" to the roving eyes of satanic agents / competitors / destiny diverters.
  • The one dream that shows you may be under a generational curse of marital delay / destruction (plus the sequence of prayers to break it).    

NOTE that signing up is NOT free, but there is a substantial discount for a limited time.

What does it cost to sign up? 107 USD

 But that is NOT the price you pay today.


For a limited time you can join at
the special members-only price of $75.

---> Registration is now open - sign up by clicking here


(We'll keep registration page open until we reach a certain number. Then the page will disappear).

 After clicking on the link, you will be taken to a Confidential Members' Signup Page where you can select between 4 payment methods.

Using the first payment method on page (Stripe) will automatically allow you to login within minutes of completing your payment.

If you use any other payment method, please allow up to 48 hours for your access to be enabled.

Once you log in, you will be able to access the prayers -- all other modules are disabled until we complete this module.

One last thing…

Why do you have to pay to join?

Because we are hosting the program in a private, confidential Forum which is not free.

It costs us thousands of dollars a month to run on this secure platform.

A few people have suggested we use Facebook in the past.

And I always tell them that so-called "free" platforms are not really free seeing that they have been accused of selling user data for profit.

Think of what would happen if the kind of sensitive, personal information that our members share within "closed doors" were made available to social media and their advertisers.

Let's just say it could be really embarrassing to wake up one morning only to find something you shared in confidence coming up in Google searches.

Our members trust us to keep their discussions private and confidential.

188,444 Reasons


Take for instance the just-ended prayer session.

It was a prophetic warfare session to empower our prayer warrior eagles to see 3 days into the future.

It was a program like no other.
There were 188,444 conversations by the time the Forum closed.
What were those conversations about?
- war stories,
- marital issues,
- testimonies,
- prophetic utterances
- confidential matters
- words of encouragement,
- intercessory prayers...
... from thousands of prayer eagles all over the world.

 We certainly do not want to host such extremely private and sensitive information on Facebook or other so-called free platforms out there.

So we invest in secure but expensive platforms that cost us thousands of dollars a month.

Since we are not a church we do not solicit for tithes and offerings.

The only way left open for us to run our delivery platform is to charge a token fee for a few of our programs...

... to help defray the costs.

You can join the prayers in the company of other prayer eagles and our prayer advisors.

Obviously some of our subscribers agree...

For instance, Mike O sent this email years ago, highlighting something most people are not aware of:

"I Am Not Going To Miss Out”   

I was introduced to Firesprings through the end of year prayer program of 2010 by a sister.

Many pleasant things happened in my life. I desired same experience for a sister so I introduced her to Prayer Academy and paid for the kit.

Note: I knew she could afford the kit but my gesture was meant to encourage her and to emphasize my trust in the prayer coach Elisha (undoubtedly ordained by the Lord Jesus).

I suspect that among many other obstacles the devil may have deployed against her, getting the material for free was a major part of the reasons why she could not complete the Prayer Academy.

I urge all prospective Prayer Academy candidates to have the attitude of the proverbial man who saw gold in a piece of land and for the joy of it went to sell all he had to purchase the land and became the bona fide owner of all the gold of the land.

He that has eye to see let him see the gold hidden in the prayer toolkits here.

Praying with prayer bullets and getting results is good. Doing the Prayer Academy is better and following up with the next level programs is best. Perfect is the Lord God Almighty!

I am not going to miss out of any program offered here on the Firesprings website in Jesus’ name!" - Mike, Ghana

 Enough said.

YES, give me access -
I am ready to meet my godly spouse


Be An Overcomer


P.S.   One of the worst mistakes you can make is in the area of marriage. Many cannot discern between God's choice for them and a counterfeit from hell.

Hear this: 

"Confusion! 2 Men Proposing Marriage At The Same Time!"

"Through your prayers l have gotten some breakthrough. But hey, every time my marriage is coming through l experience failure, disappointment, shame.

Now as am speaking am confused. l have two men proposing for marriage. I don't know which one among them is the right one. Help l know am not registered with you yet." -- Ivy


Do you want your godly spouse to locate you, and not satanic counterfeits?

 Join us. See the prayers to help you discern and recognize your godly spouse ... and avoid fakes and wolves in sheep's clothing

YES, I want my godly spouse to locate me


 PPS:   Eagle Elizabeth says:

 “I take this seriously. If I dare end up entangled with the wrong person, my life will be a LIVING HELL... I have seen people hurt close to me, who, I tell you, I have prayed with, lamented with, fasted for and prayed for. I can't have a life like that. That can't be my portion!"

Join us. Don't make the mistake others are making.