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From: elisha

Dear Prayer Eagle,

Here's a prayer update:

“In the opening days of this year, my 24-hour testimonies will surprise my friends and shock my enemies!”

Well, it’s ALREADY happening.


Flashback ...


The case of a sister who decided to pray the way we teach when she ran into a problem with her car.

She embarked on the prayers at the midnight hour, as we advised.

Unknown to her she was opening a can of worms.

The prayers were so hot the enemy was forced to reveal the secrets.

For the very first time she realized why women in her family were not able to get married.

In her own words:

"In my family only two women have ever got married.

My auntie got married in 1980s and my cousin got married in 2012 but is already divorced...

But there are lots of beautiful women in my family without any marriage.

So my marriage will be the third one in the family of more that 50 beautiful ladies.


The 50 beautiful ladies still unmarried?


I explained it this way:

Those beautiful ladies are ALREADY married in the spirit... to the family strongman.

That’s what some people call spirit husbands and wives.

This one problem is like a gigantic spiritual epidemic.

Marked by known and unknown entities coming to have sex in the dream...

... defiling the body (which is the temple of God), and planting sicknesses and diseases in the lives of many.

At one point I had so many desperate emails from people suffering silently under this wicked bondage …

… that I posted a red-hot prayer manual to deal with it in one of the advanced forums.

The manual had a somewhat strange title:





It opens with a peek into the "diary" of a mad prophet (page 3).

Then it continues like this:


Spirit husbands and wives - do they really exist?

I had to smile...
… recently when I saw someone arguing on social media that there are no spirit husbands.
Yet the very next night she found herself having sex in the dream.
The saddest part was...
She has been having sex with "serpents" disguised as human beings in her dreams for as long as she could remember.
Yet ...
Here she was quoting scriptures out of context trying to convince her unsuspecting audience that these powers do not exist.
But exist they do...

To see how they operate... let's start from South Africa:

***   Today She Calls The Shots  ***

“I was suicidal, tormented by a spiritual spouse, losing money mysteriously, hated by my superiors at work, on the verge of losing my international job and the list was endless.

I completed the Prayer Academy and things have never been the same ever since.

Today I call the shots and don’t allow the devil to have a field day in my life nor that of my family. The power and peace that God provides indeed surpasses all understanding.

I am no longer tormented by a spiritual spouse of many years - praise Jesus! I no longer have dreams that plant defeat in my life rather God shows me the future and gives me dreams that add value to my life and my family’s lives.

This year I was finally blessed with a Supervisor level position and my company’s Senior Management is insisting I should be an overall Manager in my department.

I am grateful for the furious monthly prayers as they come just in time and deflect all arrows of workplace, household and health witchcraft.

- Sindy , South Africa

***   No, Its Not Plastic Surgery   ***

“I have been praying the prayer: “Lord renew my youth like that of an eagle” for a while now and it has been so effective.

So many people have been commenting that I look so young and wondering what I have been doing or eating. 

Lately, someone asked me whether I’ve done plastic surgery. I declared that its supernatural surgery.” – Hannah

***  Death Capsized In The Spirit  ***

“I told you about my husband who used to criticize my kind of prayer. On 1st of October, he was taking kids to school and he was knocked by a taxi, my daughters came out well, but he was rushed to the hospital, his blood pressure was so high, but he told me to pray for him, I started firing and capsized death in the spirit.

Within 3 hours, he was out of the hospital feeling fine. The car fixed at the company expense, Just like Gideon in the Bible (Judges 6) he asked me, why did this happen? I told him “something good is coming your way” He laughed it over, but I knew what happens in the spiritual realm.

We kept on praying together at midnight, today he came back and told me, he was promoted to the position of a general manager, and his rival was stopped. All the glory and honor belong to God.” – Eagle G.A.


Let's look at that opening praise report again.

Sindy started out by saying:

"I was suicidal, tormented by a spiritual spouse, losing money mysteriously, hated by my superiors at work... and the list was endless."

There are prayers to deal with these entities.

You see many examples of these in our prayer manual specially targeted at this problem.

Among other things, it reveals the most effective kind of prayer that must be unleashed against these dream criminals.

One of the deadliest is called:

The judgment prayer.

Concerning this type of prayer, one Platinum Eagle filed his report in the Forum a while ago:


"Beloved Eagles! Amazing is the word explaining my current experience.

Three days ago I summoned the woman, also called the spirit wife or the serpent to the table of judgement.

I told her that judgement would be delivered the next day, i.e., in 24 hours and that it should remain still until that time!

I wanted time to organize my praises and worship.

Then on Thursday, at midnight hour I came to the table of judgement and approached the throne of God with subtle praises and worship songs.

Then finally I came to the table of righteous judgement and used the blazing sword against this demon, bound it with hot fetters and chains of God and asked the angel of fire and war to take it to the bottom of the lake of fire and chain it there until the coming of our Lord Jesus.

You cannot imagine the result. I am glowing in newfound freedom, healing and glory. HALLELUJAH."


Praise the LORD.

This is just one of the ways we teach believers to win all spiritual battles.

There's more.

Gentle note of warning.

What he just did, only trained prayer warriors should ever attempt it.

I'm showing you this to let you know that these powers can be defeated in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

But it takes some training to do it successfully (let's all be clear about this).

Many of our prayer eagles and warriors are winning battles against spirit spouses with a little bit of coaching and support.

Listen to Florence:

“Dear Elisha

I really want to thank you and indeed you are a man of God.   
I joined your prayer Academy December last year.  

I was not very active. This year in March I told myself that
enough is enough, I started the mid night prayers.  

Guess what? my spirit enjoys praying and on the 1st of June
I was delivered during midnight praying.  

I had 3 spiritual husbands.  

I was praying with the prayers you posted.

I prayed like this:

1. Every mouth and dream anointed to curse my blessings O Lord transfer their arrows back to them in the mighty name of Jesus.  

2. Any power assigned to eat my flesh and drink my blood, die now in the name of Jesus.  

The last prayer point I think it helped me a lot. I had a serious painful left side including my arm, my hand, my leg etc.  

I had to hold that side and pray like this:

3. You spiritual husband I send you into the pit of fire to burn now in Jesus name.

All of a sudden it appeared as a dream seeing three male baboons falling apart.

Praise the Lord.”

- Sister Florence 


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Who Want to Get Married In 2023


Did you see the prayers she used to dispatch this stubborn problem to the great beyond?

(Hint: most people you see are afflicted with this terrible problem but have no clue how to solve it).

Florence used 3 prayer bullets to dissolve that problem forever.

There is MORE where that came from.

Including strong prayers to:

– destroy age-old infirmities (read: sicknesses).

–  release the anointing for divine exploits (so you too can possess your possession).

–  break the yokes of inherited debt/poverty forever.

–  arrest the agents of marital distress/delay.

–  chase out the spirit of untimely death.

–  break the yoke of insanity, confusion and addiction.

–  return evil arrows back to sender.

–  paralyze the spirit of mind paralysis.

–  force evil strangers to come out of their hiding places.

–  release the healing fire of God.

–  cut every pursuing serpent to pieces.

–  release turnaround breakthroughs.

–  help your children to become a model of success (there are prayers for this to happen).

–  and much, much more!


The SPEED DELIVERANCE prayer manual has just been updated ...

... with fresh and timely revelation plus even more dangerous prayer bullets.

For the first time it is now available to anyone who is interested in ordering it.

That means:

It is no longer restricted to the Eagles of the Prayer Forum.

But only for a limited time (then the price goes up or the Forum closes).


Who should be interested in this updated manual?

  • Those suffering from delayed marriage
  • Anyone going through marital distress
  • Anyone facing chronic rejection
  • Those having sex in the dream
  • Or hearing strange voices
  • Or experiencing failure at the edge of breakthrough
  • Those suffering in the midst of plenty
  • Those under the curse and covenant of stagnation
  • etc

If that describes you...

Please take this month's prayers with the spirit of "enough is enough"

Do not meekly submit yourself for the enemy to ride roughshod over you and your family.

The prayers you are about to see will take them by surprise.

So you don't have any excuse or reason to leave your outstanding blessings for this year in the hands of the enemy.

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