Praying for Godly Spouse? Bullet #4

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Let's talk about you.

(Since you found this page)

You're sent to this world to do what nobody else can do.

You are unique, unlike any other.

The LORD has gifted you with unique gifts, unlike any other.

Your potentials are unique, unlike any other.


The enemy can stealthily rob you of all these.

Through sex in the dream.

The moment an entity succeeds in having sex with you in your dream, you are automatically joined with that wicked spirit (see 1 Cor. 6:15-20).

From that moment, a pipeline is opened through which your virtues, goodness and blessings will be siphoned away and stored in an evil warehouse in the realm of the spirit.

Since your virtues have been stolen, it will become very difficult to make progress in many areas of life.

You may work very hard, do all the right things, have all the right qualifications, without achieving much result.

We have a phrase to describe this state of being:

"Working like an elephant but eating like an ant."

That is not the only price to pay.

This issue may lead to untimely death.

Sex in the dream is a gateway to evil spiritual marriage.

And sex in the dream is traceable to past sexual activities.

Plus, ancestral evil river flowing in the bloodline.

Sex is a covenant.

It is a deeply spiritual act capable of enslaving forever those who blindly go into it (illegally).

Many people today are suffering the consequences of evil spiritual marriage without knowing that their problems can be traced to sex in the dream.

Dream Battles And Failure


A visitor from Facebook wrote to me the other day.

She said:

"I got to know about you on Facebook.

I had to invest in this material because I have had a problem with getting a permanent job. Whenever I am going for an interview that I know I will get the job I have sex in my dream.

I have been jobless many times or work for 4 months then no more. The last time was when I was going to do drivers test. That night it happened again and I woke up and prayed a lot and on my way I went praying.

When I reached there one man refused to serve me completely with no reason. I sat there nearly the whole day. Then I explained to the manager who intervened and gave me another staff to serve me. I passed and got my permit but after praying the whole day.

The other I have been trusting God for a God-fearing husband . I have been single for 14 years. When a man has interest in me the interest dies away after a while and he doesn't get back to me. I stopped having any sexual intercourse around 5 years ago because I wanted God to hear me."        


These powers sometimes show up in other forms... in the dream.

See the case of Irene in South Africa.

She once suffered so much at the hands of the enemy.

It would usually appear in her dream trying to bite her.

This constant harassment in her dream resulted in her being rejected by her fiance. Her relationship fell apart mysteriously.

At her workplace, the situation went from bad to worse.

She got fired.

Then she came across my teaching on dream attacks and the prayers to address them.

She soon learned to pray one prayer specially made for the problem she was facing.

Shortly after she sent this email:


No Longer Rejected - After Victory In The Dream


"I've got a testimony. Let God be praised. I used to dream of snake wanting to bite me. I entered 27 Minutes to Midnight program. God is good.

On the day we prayed "be roasted" I saw the snake in my dreams being roasted. I love that prayer bullet. God showed me everything and I'm so happy.

I couldn't last in a relationship before but I tell you now that the one who left me is back again and we are on fire. God I thank you. I was given removal letter from my work after fasting but they called me today. They want me back! Hallelujah.

Thank you elisha more than you will ever know. God bless you always." - Irene , South Africa 


She says:

"I couldn't last in a relationship before..."

Herein lies 90 percent of the problems behind delayed marriages which many people are battling with today.

It also accounts for much of the marital distress leading to astronomically high rates of separation and divorce we see everywhere.

Wicked spirit spouses have only one goal:

To pollute the life of the victim.

Something I go into great detail in the Overnight (Speed Deliverance) Manual Here

A Peek Inside The Forum


In the Forum we go into deep deliverance and prophetic prayers to:

  • Appropriate the power in the name and blood of Jesus to your marital situation, whatever that may be.
  • Apply the power in the blood of Jesus to terminate and render null and void evil covenants with spirit spouses standing against you.
  • Introduce the fiery prayer bullets to sever you from demonic linkages to any strange power laying claim to your life in the spirit.
  • Remove the right of the enemy to afflict your plans to get married.
  • Cancel every bewitchment fashioned against your settling down in marriage.
  • Paralyze the forces magnetizing the wrong (or counterfeit) people to you.
  • Break the covenant of marital failure and late marriage.
  • Break every covenant with any sexual demon.
  • Rebuke the spirit of the dog and cast it out of your life.
  • Cancel any spiritual wedding conducted consciously or unconsciously on your behalf.
  • Remove the hand of household witchcraft from your marital destiny (this one is a biggie).
  • Decree quick and final burial of all forces of evil manipulating, delaying or hindering your marriage in any way.
  • Remove and wipe off invisible anti-marriage marks from your life with the blood of Jesus.
  • Destroy every satanic weapon fashioned against your marriage.
  • Stand against every spirit of discouragement, fear, frustration and rejection.
  • Cancel all the curses issued against your marital destiny and replace them with the blessings of God.
  • Nullify negative parental pronouncements over your life (very important).
  • Release the anointing to prosper in your marriage life.
  • Prophetically breathe the breath of life into the foundation of your marital destiny.
  • Recover your marriage from the altar of satanic destruction.
  • Call forth the resurrection power of the Lord Jesus Christ upon your marital virtues.
  • Release yourself from the collective captivity of your father's and mother's house.
  • Ask the Holy Ghost to prepare you for your marriage partner.
  • Overthrow the satanic intermediaries opposing your engagement and marriage this year.
  • Cancel the evil consequences of any broken demonic promise or dedication (another biggie which has delayed and destroyed so many marriages).
  • Command the hidden strangers in your body to come all the way out of their hiding places to receive the judgment of fire (you'll be pleasantly surprised at the result of this prayer bullet).
  • Return the arrows of late marriage and marital failure to senders without any apologies.
  • Break the evil soul tie between you and spirit spouses laying claim to you in the spirit and/or defiling you in the dream.
  • Pray a wall of fire around your life, especially your dream life.

And much, much more.

This type of intensive prayer riot only takes place inside the Forum where our Prayer Advisors and veteran Prayer Eagles are always on standby to support and lend a helping hand ...

... especially when the enemy brings in reinforcements in order to bombard your mind with fear and discouragement.

Inside the Singles Forum you will see actual case studies of those who received their breakthroughs during past sessions.

You will see their wedding photos, hear their war stories and benefit from their wisdom and advice (because many are still here to help others along the way).

All in a confidential setting, away from prying eyes, where you are free to ask questions you dare not share in public.

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