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elisha here…

… and I just want to say WELCOME ABOARD :-)

You don’t know it right now, but you just made the best decision of your life in signing up for this free prayer training.

I’ve moved mountains to make praying to receive answers a reality for you.

So whether you realize it or not, the next few days are going to be transformational for you.

You see, I was a member of a prophetic deliverance ministry whose assignment every Sunday (and Wednesday evening) after church was to identify members with the toughest, hardest problems and to pray with them until the problems disappeared!

There was NO room for anything that didn’t work. You had to prove that the problem had indeed disappeared before you could be given other assignments!

It was during those hot, intense prayer sessions that I saw for the first time what can only be described as near instant testimonies of the miracle-working power of God on display through the agency of prayer and fasting where -



The sick received healing, mountains of debt got wiped off, marriages restored, breakthroughs in finances and new jobs.

It didn't take me long to realize that any believer could be taught to pray for themselves and receive those testimonies on their own with a little support and encouragement.

The training I’m about to give you for free in this group is one of the 3 approaches we used in our healing and deliverance sessions to help those members overcome their problems and to share testimonies as fast as possible.

For example, on my public blog at where I post the now notorious “7 Furious Prayers for the Month, you see testimonies of debt cancellation, brand new jobs, over-the-top promotion, plus healing from all kinds of sicknesses posted by those who simply follow the step-by-step prayer instructions.

Another of our website which has been running for 16 years has trained over 100,000 prayer warriors from 117 countries in the world.

Between these two tiny websites, over 25,000 testimonies have been shared over the years, and we have never needed to pray for these individuals or anything of the sort.

We simply give them what we call prayer bullets, and with a few simple instructions they are able to pray for themselves and share their testimonies.

We also offer them access to something else:



To ensure success, we set up a Members-only Forum where a team of prayer advisors are on hand to answer any questions you might have along the way.

Plus, access to a community packed with the most passionate and willing-to-help prayer eagles, helpers, teachers, and guides you’ll ever meet.

These are believers from around the world who are on this journey along with you. And willing to share their friendly advice and encouragement.

Now, for the purpose of this testimony training, I’m going to use the 7 Furious Prayers posted to our blog monthly. You can check it out after you finish this, to verify everything I’m saying – if you like.

During the training, I’ll be showing you proof testimonies to back up the principles I’m sharing, because what I’m teaching you is true.

And what I’d like to do in THIS group… is teach you exactly the type of prayers I use for specific situations, how and when I tell my students to pray them for a rapid release of testimonies from the throne of God.

In essence, over the next few days, I want to coach you on how to pray and receive answers. My plan with this free training is to completely restore your faith in biblical prayers, by showing you how to pray and receive answers from God all on your own (with us as a support group cheering you on).

So here are 5 IMPORTANT things you must know about this training.

  • — This group and this training will be available for 12 days. Once the training is over, everybody in the group will be removed, and the group will close down and no longer exist.

I’m doing this one time for you. So right now, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to learn the right way to pray, receive answers and share a testimony.

  • — There are 5 example video testimonies, each introducing the day’s training right underneath it (in PDF format). Each PDF training will reveal one secret of answered prayers. From the day the training begins, each PDF will be released at a rate of 1 per day, for 5 straight days.  In addition, I’ll be sharing lots of testimonies and the prayers that released them so you too can use them to fast-track your path to success with prayers that work.
  • — Each training will be released at 11am EST each day, inside the group here.
  • — You can find ALL trainings in the Prayer Section, just look to the bottom of the page whether you are accessing the group via your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device — it doesn’t matter. The Prayer Section is located at the bottom of the page.
  • — I will invite you to join the full members’ Forum at the end of this training. But whether you qualify for that invitation or not, I promise the training you’re about to receive for free will be of great value to you. I believe in helping believers stand on their feet, without spoon-feeding them. And my heart’s desire is to see you, as a believer in our Lord Jesus Christ, grow into a full-fledged prayer eagle, able to stand in the gap for yourself and loves ones.

Now between here and the time the first training is released, I’ve created three short teachings for you.

By reading this, you have completed the first training – the introduction.

  • The second PDF is a short case study called, “The Kind of Prayer to Pray for Debt Cancellation and Financial Breakthroughs Within Days.”


In that pdf, that’s where I show you proof of all the prayer eagles who became debt-free from participating in these prayers. I’ll also share with you evidence of the type of inspirational conversations that take place within our eagles Forum, what prayers they are praying and their testimonies of answered prayers. It’s a fascinating thing that you must see.

  • The third PDF is called, “Why Some People Receive Answers to Their Prayers and Share Testimonies While Others Don’t.”


Obviously, everybody has different goals. We’re all believing God for different things and are trying to accomplish different goals. And I don’t want to waste YOUR time on a training that’s not going to move you closer to your desired testimonies.

So this 5-minute pdf explains who this prayer training and coaching opportunity is for and why you should be interested.

Please watch out for these pdfs as soon as I post as they are exciting and very important.

Again, just go to the Prayer Section and you’ll find them there… when they are released.

Lastly, do me a favor and comment in the Forum by clicking the conversation link below:

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Introduce yourself, tell me how you found this page, and what you are believing God for.

The next few days mark the start of your journey to the realm of testimonies like you’ve never experienced before.

Our prayer advisors are waiting to welcome you in the Conversation Forum.

Our Eagle members share daily testimonies covering all walks of life.

And with the prayer coaching and testimony training you’re about to receive, who knows, maybe your testimony will be the next one featured on our websites sooner or later.

Wouldn’t that be praise-worthy?

Let’s chat in the in the comments section.

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