Where Is Your God?

What's up

David had many enemies.

This is the question they asked him over and over again.

Especially in his time of distress (Ps 42).

Just in case anyone is tempted to ask our members the same silly question...

We sure have an answer for them.

We typically present it just like this...

JoleneC says:
'All the Glory to the Lord our God, a while back I informed Prayer Eagles about my Sister-in-law who was diagnosed with gland cancer across her whole body. Last night after 23:00 my brother send a message that they went for a scan yesterday and there is no sign of cancer. Thank you prayer eagles / advisors for standing in the gap All the Glory to God. This morning after I finished my session and be came quiet for 5 minutes as advised, the following came to me. "You plugged yourself into the electrical power grid of the Holy Ghost and because of that, You became a hot coal and a burning fire, which is too hot for the enemy to handle and that no evil, illness will come close to you or your family"'

Jacqui writes:
"At 11:30pm last night, my daughter was in labor but doctors told her the amniotic fluid was polluted and both she and the baby were in danger. That raised an anger in me because last year, in the exact week of May, she lost her first baby two days after my husband died. I was preparing for Day 10 of the Red Marker Prayers so I shared them with her and at midnight we launched the offensive. We were in 2 separate cities and doing the prayer's via Whatsapp. At the same time, I contacted other eagles in the 24-Hour Prayer Forum who stood with me. The doctor returned to check my daughter and found no trace of infection in the amniotic fluid. My grandson was born at 3:15am, healthy and beautiful. Both mother and baby are doing well."

BertheL adds:
"Help me to praise the Almighty. During this challenging period, my God has done what no other man can do. He has surprised my friends and family but shocked enemies and frenemies while some are losing jobs am having to start job with six figured salary and benefits like housing, two servants at home, phone allowance,security details 4x4 vehicle among others, may the Lord be blessed, midnight prayers are a key to spiritual easy life when in trouble, go for midnight prayers, when happy go for midnight prayers at all seasons, go for midnight prayers and throw prayer bullets, glory to God."

And if you’re wondering what’s common in all 3 of these believers?

Other than their undying trust and faith in the LORD God?

They all launched a furious midnight prayer offensive during the just-ended prayer riot in the Forum.

But it’s not just the seasoned prayer warriors who can benefit from our manner of prayers.

Brand new visitors just joining and earlier members are sharing testimonies too.

Sihle says:
"I just want to say I am blessed to be part of this winning team in Jesus name. These prayers have made the Great Lockdown very easy and actually enjoyable. I am blessed with the spirit of joy this morning. Hallelujah. Glory to Jesus."

JoyceNA writes:
"I had a number of people who owed me money and I was doing badly financial. During the prayers, I did pray with aggression. By end of the day, 2 people who owed me money paid back without me asking them to."

InHim had a dream victory:
"I was in this community and there appeared a very big (abnormally big) pitch black snake with eyes like human eyes. Everyone just stood there but I held a hose pipe with liquid acid and I started spraying it on the face and eyes non-stop. It could not move forward at all. Next moment I saw its head back down in the valley on the river bank as if about to go in- its body was buried underneath but the tip of its tail could be seen in the community where I was. When I woke up I asked the Whirlwind of the LORD to blow the dark cloud back and put the snake to the Sword of the LORD."

JanSM adds:
"At the time I joined Firesprings, I just could not read the bible no matter how much I tried. Although I and my husband are born again, and have been for over 20 years, we were not praying and seeking
 God like we did in our earlier salvation lives. I was so tired of this powerless Christianity and started seeking God desperately. I asked God to teach me to pray because whenever I put time aside to pray I ran out of what to say. The Lord in His wonderful way brought me to encounter Elisha in early 2018 through an email that was forwarded to me by a friend. I started praying daily at night using bullets shared via email. Before long I started reading the word of God again. I am so ecstatic about that."

MaryAL tells us:
"Indeed we serve a prayer answering God. Even before the dust settles after announcing to all of us here that I have received a job appointment after successfully sitting for an interview, another message have come in. I have to pick another appointment letter for a job on Monday. God is sooo good and I give Him all the glory. When He says He will bless you, nobody can say no."

All glory to God.

What more can we tell you?

These all happened during this strange lockdown.

You may wonder why we chose to answer the naysayers like this.

You see, that question is not so much a question as it is a challenge.

It is a declaration of war.

We followed the divine prescription for winning this type of warfare.

Rev. 12:11 says:

"And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto death."

It was Martin Luther King Jr. who said:

'If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving...'

Apply that to this time of crisis...

The 5-Minute Prayer Secret

Today I’m sharing one key.

It will help to keep you going when everybody else gives up. 

And when you apply it during your prayer time,
it can help you discover the secrets behind your long-standing problems.

But first, a story from pottery class so you can better understand why:

A ceramics teacher divided his class into two groups...

One group would be graded on how many pots they produced.

The more pots the better the grade.

The other group was only allowed to create a single pot all semester.

They’d be graded on the quality of that one perfect pot.

The surprising results came in on grading day…

The highest quality pots were all produced by the “quantity” group.

As they got busy churning out piles of pots, they kept learning from their mistakes… perfecting their work.

While the “quality” group theorized about perfection...
In the end they had little more to show than grandiose theories and a pile of dead clay.

And so it is with praying to receive answers.

Instead of wasting your time studying the theories on prayer all over the Internet...

Instead of searching for that one super-anointed person to pray over you and lay hands and prophesy… or whatever

Our prayer eagles were given hundreds of prayer bullets to fire every night.

Then I told them to do something else.

Which brings me back to the 5 Minute Prayer Secret I wanted to show you.

You can do this even if you never join us in the Forum. In fact, it works with ANY kind of prayer.

I first learned the idea from Prophet Habakkuk who learned it from King David…

Do this when you pray to receive answers:

After praying the set of prayers or a specific prayer bullet, the Spirit of God will ‘nudge’ you to be quiet and listen.

You stop for a while and begin to listen with your 'spiritual' ears.

You move on only when you have a release to do so.

Do not worry that you might not hear anything at first. Sooner or later you will.

At the end of every prayer session please allow at least 5 minutes for this listening.

The Spirit of the LORD will give you a specific divine roadmap to follow.

In our advanced prayer Forum we call this the "prophetic pause"

Last month, during one such prophetic pause the LORD gave me a major victory in something I have been struggling with for years. 

I shared this idea with members of The Forum.

Many admitted they could not hear anything when they first started.

But as they continued with the prayers, their spiritual ears suddenly popped open.

What happened after that?

Testimonies upon testimonies.

Psalm 62:11

God has spoken once; twice have I heard this; that power belongs unto God.

You can take this exercise for a test ride right now.

It’s going to help you receive answers to your next prayer faster. 

All it takes is 5 minutes to see it works.

After the Great Lockdown...

You can be sure about three things.

  1. Millions will be out of a job.

  2. Most won’t have a clue how to get one.

  3. And the experts will give them the wrong advice.

We have 12 weapons we use.

What's the #1 weapon?

That's what I just described to you.

The powerful testimonies you saw a moment ago happened as they used what I just explained.

If you need the type of prayers they prayed please go to our FREE prayer blog here

If you're able to join our Life-Time Prayer Academy Forum please see here

OR if you're comfortable praying on your own get the manuals here

At least have a look. 

Join the daily parade of those sharing testimonies here.

We'll help you with the resources and support group to help you through these difficult times.

Because it hurts to see believers give up on prayer once the answer does not come right away.

We want you to experience what it feels like to have your prayers answered.

Not once.

Not twice.

But over and over again.

The prayers in our PRAYER ARCHIVE address real-life problems such as:

- job losses

- health problems

- spiritual growth

- dream attacks

- marital problems

- rejection

- stagnancy

- and much more as explained step by step here

Congratulations if you are already with us in the prayer trenches (Forum).

Be An Overcomer



If you know anyone the enemy is beating black and blue please take this message to them:

"Look, the world just changed.

The way you used to pray needs to change fast.

It is the only sure way to succeed.

In a time of plagues, pandemics and global meltdown.

Going forward --

It will take more than going to church, more than "sowing seeds,"

... much more than sending prayer requests everywhere...

... (or being prayed for by anointed ministers of God)...

... to truly TAKE BACK what the enemy has stolen from you...

... whether that is in the area of your job, finances, marriage, health or whatever."

Join us here if you've not already done so.

Because it's not where you are now that counts.

It's where you want to go (and whether you're prepared to seize the day)

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