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"The Prayer that Changes Everything"

Gina prayed: 'Every dark river of marriage distress flowing to me from my father's, mother's or my in-laws' place dry up now in Jesus' name'... read on to see what happened next>

From: elisha                          

Calvary greetings.

Welcome to new series of prayers.

For marriages and relationships.

We are on Module 3 prayers.

Consider that email from U.K.

Just 6 Days!

"Last week my friend's husband left her and
told her not to contact him. I called her
and she was in tears.

I told her not to worry he would be back and
i went on the Esther Fast and the prayer points
from the 'Prayer Cookbook For Busy People'

On the sixth day she sent me a message
telling me that her husband was back home.


The Spirit of the LORD is working to restore the marriages of God’s people.

Also, for those praying for their godly spouse, we have a Deliverance Template that we follow.

Specifically included are prayers to …

  • repair bad marital foundation.
  • break hidden anti-marriage curses
  • destroy inherited satanic priesthood
  • eliminate ungodly covenants and cancel their consequences.
  • break off anti-marriage curses, spells, jinxes, and bewitchment.
  • destroy the grip of spiritual strongmen assigned to destroy godly marriages and families.
  • release you from collective family patterns, sins, and evil marks of rejection.
  • separate you from witchcraft activities designed to swallow marriages … in your family or environment that you might not even be aware of!
  • Release you (and your spouse) from the cage of evil spiritual marriages
  • Wipe away the handwriting of debt and poverty from your life.
  • Loose you from the grip of anti-marriage covenants.
  • Draw your spouse closer to you magnetically as you pray.
  • Charge up your life with the divine fire of God that attracts blessings, favor, and goodness to your marriage … while repelling evil observers, satanic monitors, and other messengers of darkness.


Divine Revelation is Key

This next one goes beyond prayer.

Of course, the prayers will still be targeted to …

  •  Send confusion to the camp of the enemies (of your marriage)
  •  Know the secrets (spiritual secrets about your marital foundation)
  •  Loose the grip of anger (so you do not foolishly scatter your marriage in a fit of rage)
  •  Receive the baptism of fresh fire … for daily spiritual exploits
  •  Carry out regular environmental spiritual sanitation (you learn how to safeguard the future of your marriage by making prophetic decrees).
  •  Pray against satanic reinforcement (Note: the enemy of your marriage will not be happy that you have discovered these prayers … and will try to stage a comeback!)
  •  Pray against all forms of future counter-attack.

These and more are the focus
of the Marriage Restoration Forum

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